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Welcome to the Liverpool Provider Portal

Contact Information

Please click here to view the contact information for Careline

Actions and Change Requests in the Portal

Please note that the following queries can be raised in the Provider Portal as these will be dealt with by the ContrOCC system support team or Payments team.

Query - Actuals Use this query to request help with submitting actuals, or to query actuals that have been submitted.
Query - Notification of Death Use this query to advise us of a clients Date of Death.
Query - Pay Instalment Request Use this query to request an overpayment is recovered in instalments.
Query - Payment Use this to query a specific payment issue such as payment not received.
Query - Remittance Breakdown Use this to request a Full Remittance Breakdown from our Corporate Finance System.
Query - Service Cost\Price Uplift Use this to query the rate paid or to request an uplift to current rates.
Query - Suspended Payment Use this to request a suspended payment is released.

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